Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hot Burp from the Usual Suspects

Massive fanny-who-scares-me Beck spouts such ignorance that sometimes I'm almost lost for words, I mean I start to feel sorry for Americans - they'll have to take responsibility for such an influential 5 days a week, fear flinging, drivelling fuqtard eventually or not. Anyways you want proof ? ta to the Daily Show even though they're slower than me

Somebody has the integrity to point out those munchkin brained celebs who strangely think they should pontificate on matters they barely understand.

Guido indulges in some strange wishful thinking today, I too watched PMQ's and thought ooh the strain of another budget cock up and decreasing poll margins seem to be taking it's toll on poor David but no matter, small cheese compared to grand event though.

PKD's estate sues Google for infringement? Dunno but it weirds me out more that Lucas has dibs on the word Droid, wtf whats that about build a Droid get the name otherwise

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