Saturday, 30 January 2010

Shmall Shcreen

I often tell customers I don't watch TV and that they're better off hiring films than subjecting themselves to the idiot box - but it's only partially true of course as I watch plenty of small screen stuff so I thought I'd do a little round up for some of my new 2010 visuals.

John Oliver, of Daily Show fame, brings his wit to a new Live at the Apollo type stand up show and it's really quite good. He opens with a little bit of his Englishman-in-NY shtick followed by a couple of short stints then the last performer is given a lump of time to chew. Well worth a watch if you can catch it.

Damages is back
with more legal melodramatics - it's still doing the flash forward thing and this time it appears that a major character is gonna end in a dumpster.

Parks and Recreation is a US sitcom revolving around a local council dept and the nut jobs within. Made and heavily influenced by the US Office it's a tidy little comedy, it's nothing special but it hit it's marks and I think I'll watch the 2nd season.

Ahh Blake's 7, one of those shows I'd always heard about but never seen, seems to be actually qquite good. Sure it's cheap and the SFX are well ropey but it's got a decent story, well so far as I'm only 10 eps in.

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