Sunday, 31 January 2010

Blair blah, blah, blahs & Obama punches face

Well Bliar's appearance at the Chilcott was a bit of a bust - mockshock - but he did seem nervous at the start, I watched the first two hours before work and I hadn't seen him so discomfitted before but don't worry his dark powers asserted themselves and he soon slipped into greasy lawyer mode. I think, like Bush, it might be sinking in that his name will always be dirt. Middle East peace envoy ?! for fooks sake that's a comedy appointment if ever there's been one.

Obama's 1st year has been so-so overall but then it must be tough leading one of the smartest/dumbest nations on earth in a time of major catastrophunkle. Anyways the dimwitted GOPer's invited El-Pres to speak at one of their swinger weekends and he surprised them by accepting and then turned up & well took the piss out of them so much so that Fox stopped broadcasting 20mins early, tee hee. Mainly by being much smarter than them and swatting their stoopid questions out the air like flies and doing it with charm and some confidence. I hope the Americans get a taste for this sort of thing - they should push for a PMQ's type 'travaganza or a least a Question Time type tv show.

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