Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Mixed bag of Crazy

American weapons from a particular company have secretly inserted bible references into weapon id numbers. Mmm America + dullwittedness + guns + bizarro-jesus + available targets that's a sweet bitches brew of corpses. Maybe Beck/Palin's juju is on the money?

It's ok Haiti the Scientologonks are coming, leading the way is chubby can't-actor Travolta who has offered to fly some lunatics into the site of a devastating catastrophe because tiresome half-assed, made up by a scifi author, pseudo scientific beliefs are exactly was these people need right now. What a guy.

Dennis Hopper, a unique individual I'd think we'd all agree is apparently approaching his end, eek, and he just divorced his wife mmmm classy, regardless he did provide us with many great things over his long career in a number of fields and here's a great spread of his photos from the Selma March via Vanity Fair appropriately enough for MLK day in the US.

Ocean of liquid diamonds on Uranus? or maybe even Neptune? well some well smoked boffins have pondered about recent revelations bout the results of melting diamonds.

Cartoonish megalomaniac Chavez has continued his campaign against video games with his latest well thought out criticism of the genre being that they are "poison" particularly Sony Playstation, guess he's a Xboxer then. Anyways he's, err, an odd one to say the least, if he's started making statues of himself I'd hope the populace are getting scared and not cause of the visage.

Awesome image of China's interweb censorship via Guradina's Datablog sire, via Information is Beautiful.

Feel for author when discussing errors in his newly published book, that's shitty, won't put me off buying one of the books, the blog is amazing, I'm fond of Weed-as-super-drug Chart, totally convinced me.

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