Friday, 22 January 2010

Brooker's Back and gubbins

Newswipe is back and I am glad, it's like a less reflexive, brainier Daily Show, no offence Stewart but Brooker is tightening up his game: getting through a slew of topics with his usual sharp tongue and common sense and employing some excellent contributors: never even heard of Joel Henry Hinrichs before and Stanhope always gives decent verbiage but please Brooker lose that ffuking Poet he's one of those thinks-they're-funny-but-isn't cnuts and almost has me reaching for the remote. And I'm not alone. Otherwise excellent work, iplayer link

Some nice pics of some really weird ice formations, via BoingBoing via Prof@Illinois Uni oh and by the way congrats on 10yrs.

They've also got a interesting follow up post/link to the Norwegian Spiral flap from a while back, the article isn't exactly revelatory but it's a great thumb in the eye to Putin+Puppet hype.

Want to fly to the edge of the known space and back in7 mins? me too - well here's 2nd best

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