Monday, 18 January 2010

Crimes & Chuckles

Once had Cotton Comes to Harlem on a VHS taped from TCM back in my student days lord knows where it is now, anyways the film holds up pretty good-ish against my fond nostalgia/memories. It's always billed as a blaxploitation but it's based on a Chester Himes novel and plays more like a police procedural than anything else. As you'd imagine it reeks with period charm so it's maybe just for connosirues for me I gotta look for Come Back, Charleston Blue.

Saturday night in the shop some punter told me Neil Simon did a sequel to Murder By Death, - currently playing on big screen &/because it's one of my favourite 60's comedies - called The Cheap Detective. Huh never knew that, so unspecified action takes place and low and behold said film in front of peepers. It's not really a sequel more a spin off with Peter Falk reprising his role as bumbling, amorous Cliche Detective model002. It's got plenty of great lines but maybe the pacing is off or something cause it doesn't quite work. Again probably only for Neil Simonerds.

A Life Less Ordinary, not always in charge of the controller but actually quite enjoyed it, maybe cause I spent most of the film thinking how it could be improved, it''s a good effort but it meanders and seems unsure how to use the supernatural elements. Diaz & Mcgregor were good together but some of the script wasn't up to the job.

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