Saturday, 23 January 2010

Super Massive SciFi & a new/old Detective

Two chunky dumb blockbusters both - surprisingly - quite good fun. First up Cameron's Avatar epic of scifi and sfx: well it really is an eye popper, pushing the bar waay high for competitors and himself if he really plans on a couple of sequels. It was reasonably acted & the facial capture tech is impressive but it's poorly scripted and some of the characters were little more than thumbnails and I'd have chopped 20 mins or so but otherwise it's a great success, not art exactly but a fine return for their efforts. Hats off to Cameron too for building such an impressive "world", rich with detail seen in few scifi films.

Probably the bigger surprise was Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, not much of a fan of this guy's previous films but this one seemed a bit more professional, looked rather good and was quite entertaining. It's still plenty stupid but Downey Jr is sharp if a bit panto, he bounces well of the rest of the cast though and it zings along a decent rate, just remember - don't engage the brain. If he sticks to the work Ritchie might actually churn out something decent down the years.

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