Sunday, 24 January 2010

B-movie bundle & a Brooks (Mel)

Blood Creek is a grisly little film about a couple of brothers who get into a tricky situation with some ever-young German farmers with a Occult-Super-Nazi in the basement. Riddled with plot holes and some shonky writing it throws some blood and gore in to keeps things ticking along and to be honest it was fairly enjoyable as a bit of trash as long you keep your brainium off.

The identity of the tome at the center of The Book of Eli kinda put me off seeing it but I was glad I made an effort as it's a violent schlocky counterpoint to The Road. It follows Denzel on his post apocalyptic paper route taking the book westwards until he encounters a despotic wanna-be played by Gary Oldman. If you can ignore the religious posturing this is quite good fun - funny in places and quite violent and the ending which will no doubt ensure cult status. Just wished they'd had some imagination and used the Mahabarat or something.

The Ultimate Warrior, another PA flick and one that's evaded me for quite a while is a odd piece of nonsense, it's definitely special anyways featuring Yul Brynner as a deadly fighter employed by Von Sydow's urban farmer to protect his community from Carrot - a camp ginger gang boss. Directed by the guy who did Enter The Dragon it lacks a fair bit in the budget stakes & the action is mostly laughable but with two charismatic leads at the helm it's not too bad but maybe just for cultists and PA freaks.

And finally Mel Brooks' Hitchcock spoof, High Anxiety, which a customer told me was funnier than The Producers the other night and yet again, like a fool, I believed them. It's not terrible just not even in the same league as Young F. or Blazing S. let alone The Producers. Ah well at least it was only 88 mins long.

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