Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Feelms - one good one bad

I'm a big 60's fan so I was looking forward to The Assassination Bureau but it was patchy to say the least. It's stars Ollie Reed, Terry Savalas and the uber sexy Diana Rigg and I suppose it's a kinda spy/hitman spoof thing set before WW1 but the jokes aren't funny and there's not enough 60's daftness for my tastes - I'd watch a Flint movie before I watched this again - hohum.

On the other hand Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox was well, er, fantastic. Once you've got over the peculiar character design this is a very funny, clever adaptation of the beloved Dahl book and I think I'll watch it again soon. Anderson's trademark quirky characters are present and correct and sit well in the animal kingdom - my favourite was the Rat I think or the maybe Yogic nephew - but overall it's well scripted and he's chosen his voice cast well.

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