Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Road - good but not enough laffs

The Road - good book, good movie - wow that doesn't happen often. McCarthy's grim PA novel is a bit of a classic and though the movie doesn't quite reach that level it's a good effort and one that's bound to pick up a few awards in the forthcoming season.

Viggo is excellent as Papa, the kid was ok suppose and Duvall puts in a great performance as the aged old timer they meet on the road but dunno there's something not quite right about it - it's 111 mins but felt at least half an hour longer. Suppose if they'd trimmed anymore out of it peoples would get cranky and they could hardly throw in any comedy pratfalls or gags in to keep it moving. All in all it's well worth a watch but the book is better mind.


  1. Ok that scene creeped me out in the book and now I'm creeped out all over again, thanks Joe.