Thursday, 28 January 2010

Err.....ffffukin' films & flotsam

Wow a Roger Moore film with actual acting, I mean Bond was hardly a stretch was it ? however The Man Who Haunted Himself, directed by Basil Dearden, was a real surprise - a nice little psychological thriller about doppelgangers and insanity & Moore is more than competent throughout, bringing life to both his roles in this strange little - very British - film. It also features my favourite Mentat, Thufir Hawat, as a shades wearing noggin examiner.

Planet Hulk, is the latest Marvel animated output and it's not bad I suppose; I never knew the Hulk could communicate so well while greened up but then I don't read the comics. Hulk, banished from Earth lands on a planet and steps into the story of Spartacus blah blah blah, there's plenty of fisticuffs and that but I reckon Hulk was best left as the mute-Id creature than a sentient being.

Stripped, Izzard's latest DVD is quite funny, can't say it's his best live performance - the first 10mins are awful but he finds his groove but can't quite seem to sustain his mojo like in the good old days. Maybe the time spent running marathons and doing the acting has left him a little out f practice?

An amazing post on Io9 about an interview between David Lynch and Frank Herbert re the crappy/classic film that is Dune. Sure it's got Sting in his pants but there's some decent action, stunning set design, a couple of powerful scenes and a credible-ish performance by MacLachlan. Anyways if you're a fan you can luxuriate in the footage.
An animated version of A Boy and his Dog is on the cards, according to Quiet Earth, and I couldn't be happier; the original is great but there was so much mileage in the canine/human bond that I'm surprised it hadn't been picked up for TV at the time.

Long post I know but to finish here's a couple of sweet visualisations from the Martian Hi-RISE thingymajig courtesy of Huffpo.

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